Putting your ideas on paper lets you start working on it.
If it stays in your head, your perfect idea will never launch and the world will never know how great it could have been.


For as long as I can remember, I have always had ideas swirling around my head. I remember my teen years, I would have hundreds of what I called “flashes” every day. I would see someone smile at someone, and I would think that the whole setting would be a great book idea.

Ideas come easy to me. But, things are changing for me. I’m no longer satisfied with just the idea creation. It’s now time for me to tell my stories, share my ideas and beliefs that are burning within me. I want the world to know my stories. is about putting my ideas on paper. I want the world to know how great my ideas are and I want the freedom to work on developing my ideas. You see, part of my mission is to develop and live my Soul Purpose. I am creating the best conditions to express myself – and working to find the BEST VERSION of myself so that I can live the most fulfilling life I can. I’m also a workaholic. I love to work on my business – planning and building it are 2 major joys in my life. I’ve learned this: work is NOT a 4-letter word. It matters. My Soul Purpose is being defined and I’m making headway. My goal is to live a transformational life.

- Shari Aldrich, LMP

President & Clinical Director